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Who We Are


Marquette Business Credit provides asset-based loans up to $50 million to middle market companies throughout the U.S. Marquette Business Credit makes loans to a wide variety of industries, which include lines of credit secured by accounts receivable and inventory and term loans supported by equipment and real estate, as well as cash-flow supported term loans.


Our Team


Marquette Business Credit is led by a dedicated, cohesive team of financial executives. With centuries of combined experience within the Marquette organization, our team is one of the most tenured and experienced within the financial service industry.


Recent Funding

ROC Service Company

Marquette Business Credit provides ABL financing to both traditional and non-traditional industries. Like most of our competitors, we support traditional manufacturers and commercial finance companies, but we also provide financing to many less traditional industries such as retail, staffing services, rediscount lines, lumber, and oil and gas, to name just a few.

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"Visiting MBC's back office and meeting with its management and experienced portfolio staff convinced me that Marquette would be an ideal lending partner as we continue to expand our geographic and service capabilities in order to better serve our customers."

Paul Coscia, CFO
ROC Service Company, LLC